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You are brilliant! Yes you. You are a highly evolved, multifunctional, self aware, creative, super being.
You can remember your past, deal with the present and imagine your future all in a single moment. At the same time your brain is controlling your heart, making you breathe, blink and controlling your temperature.

Phew, no wonder we get a little stressed from time to time. Scientist think we have over 50,000 thoughts each and every day.

So it's little wonder we struggle to manage all of them.

In fact some have described the mind as an out of control thought generator.

The slightly disturbing thing is that the majority of these thoughts are unhelpful. We often dwell in the past by revisiting our mistakes, battling guilt or recreating traumatic events in great detail. We can also imagine the future and opportunities that it can bring...  ...and worry about that too.

We are constantly bouncing from fantasy to fiction to negativity.

A really small number of our beautiful, creative and powerful thoughts are actually focused on what is really important. Which we will come to later.

Some have estimated that over three quarters of our thoughts are negative; And that is sad to say the least. Naughty brain.

However, there is a solution and... it's easy.  It does take a little time and effort. But you are brilliant remember, amazing in fact. Your brain is one of the most, if not the most brilliant and complex object in the universe.

It can re-program itself, you can re-program yourself. You can learn to be happy, create success and best of all enjoy doing it; Banishing those unhelpful thoughts that stop you being excited about the life you are creating for yourself.

Being happy all the time, crashing through barriers and striding confidently towards  an exciting and successful future. Sign me up where do we start?

It's simple. We start here. And the best news? you have already started.

By simply being aware that you have thousands of thoughts floating around your brain; And, they are your thoughts - nobody controls how you feel and think  you have taken the first step to being as magnificent as you want to be.

Remember it's your choice you can think positively or negatively. You are in control.

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